There is surely nothing better than the elegance of your private van tour with this incredible vehicle!

Tour Around Dubai in Luxurious Bespoke Style

We pride ourselves on providing you with one of the most luxurious vehicles for touring the grand city of Dubai. The Mercedes Sprinter is much more than a regular van, crafted with plush, reclinable captain chairs, open glass bars, and endless features to help you enjoy the ride. we offer customizable options to help you make the most out of your tour.


Endless Transfer Services

With drivers that know every inch of the city, you will be guaranteed to reach your desired destination in no time.

Professional, Experienced Chauffeurs’

Our drivers have years of experience in driving around the great city of Dubai.They can speak several languages, helping you reach your destination in complete comfort and style.

The Best In-Vehicle Entertainment

Our Sprinters are equipped with endless in-vehicle entertainment options, ranging from airing your favorite tv show to the latest blockbusters.

Technology Rendering Complete Comfort

Coupled with the most advanced technology, the Sprinter vans ensure premium comfort to make your journey calm, easy, and painless.


Endless Premium Features Loaded in These Four Walls

One touch on the dashboard’s main control panel, and you can easily access tens of premium features this deluxe van has to offer. Start by setting a comfortable temperature for the van and specifically for your chair, and then adjust the chair’s comfort levels to your requirements. You can even open and close the curtains, whatever suits your mood during the time!


Grab Your Favorite Drink in No Time

Want to quench your thirst? Grab a drink of your choice from the open glass bar. Be it a hot coffee to keep you warm or a chilled Rose to get you by the Dubai heat, the Sprinter is certainly loaded with all the drinks you can think of.

In-Vehicle Entertainment Like Never Before!

If you’re thinking of ways to pass the time during rush hours, the Sprinter offers a long list of in-vehicle entertainment options like never before.

Caution: You might not want to leave the van.

Choose from streaming your favorite songs on the iPad to watching a blockbuster on the Apple TV, and everything in between – the van even features a PlayStation. Just sink back in your chair and enjoy!

Setting the Right Mood

What screams vacation better than setting the right mood? The sprinter luxury rental comes with numerous colors changing options.

It allows you to choose between orange, blue, green, and white accents. Set the mood instantly by one click on the dashboard.

How it works?

Handsome Persian businessman wearing suit in city at night

Request A Ride

Request a ride and fill out all the necessary information, including your desired locations, visiting dates, and visa details. Our sales team will contact you right after to confirm the booking directly.

Smiling customer service executive working in call center

Book Your Trip Securely with Our Support

To assist you in warranting a trip of a lifetime, our support will guide you in planning and booking your trip safely with us. Moreover, we are ready to answer all your queries regarding our services, packages, and tour plans.


Sit Back & Enjoy Your Ride!

A friendly, professional driver will pick you up from your desired location – whenever, wherever. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy our safe door-to-door luxe tour of the grand city of Dubai.


While the Mercedes Sprinter might look like an ordinary van, it is anything but. Coupled with endless advanced technological features, excellent speed handling, and maneuvering, and extreme comfort, the luxury van is certainly worth the heavy price tag.


Within Dubai
AED 1500 Per Transfer
  • Professional Driver.
  • Free Pickup - Dropoff
  • Exclusive VIP Service

Hourly Rental

Pay per hour
AED 3500 5 Hours
  • Professional Driver.
  • Free Pickup - Dropoff
  • Exclusive VIP Service

Hourly Rental

Pay per hour
AED 5000 10 Hours
  • Professional Driver.
  • Free Pickup - Dropoff
  • Exclusive VIP Service