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Looking for a Luxury Car Rental in Dubai?

We Offer High-End New Cars, Full option Vehicles.

The all new Ferrari F8 is here!

We are happy to announce that the Ferrari F8 (2020) has joined our fleet!


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Pay per Hour

You can now enjoy the amazing experience of driving a sport car and pay per hour! Superior Car Rental provides this service for all tourists & Locals. Please contact us for more information!

Superior Car Rental - Top Sports & Luxury Car Rental Company in UAE.

Make your vacation the best it can possibly be by getting the best possible rental available! Superior Car Rental offers you luxury cars that will start your vacation off right. We have the nicest sports and luxury cars around, and we supply them at the lowest prices. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to have the best vacation, and we make sure you don’t have to!

On top of offering rental luxury cars to travelers, we also offer rentals to people looking to give the awesome gift of driving a sports car! Maybe your spouse has always dreamed of driving a Ferrari and you want to give him a day in his dream car for his birthday. Maybe your sister needs a nice car for a business meeting. Whatever the case may be, we have a car that will make you stand out and look awesome.

Mercedes G63 2019 for Rent in Dubai UAE

Best Prices Guaranteed!

Although there are several luxury car suppliers in the area, Superior Car Rental brings you the best cars at the best price. All of our cars are gorgeous luxury or sports cars that we meticulously clean and take care of so that every rental is just as awesome as the person renting it. We make sure that we only supply quality cars, and we make sure we are the most affordable luxury car rental site in Dubai. That is what sets us apart from the other rental car places. Here, you can get the nicest Ferrari for much less than anywhere else in Dubai.

We know that you are on vacation. We know you want to have the best time possible, but you do not want to have to go broke in the process. Going on vacation means having the best experience possible. It means relaxing, being pampered, and enjoying a few days of luxury. Enjoy your few days of luxury in a luxury or sports car without worrying about the price!

When you book with Superior Car Rentals, you can rest easy knowing that you got the best car for the most affordable price. You never have to worry that maybe there was a better deal out there. Superior Car Rentals sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd by bringing luxury and affordability together. Whatever kind of life you lead in reality can be changed in an instant for an awesome vacation that will blow your mind.

Rent a Car in Dubai UAE

Renting a Sports Car For The Loved One?

Even if you aren’t going on vacation, you can still enjoy an amazing luxury car. One of the main wishes people dream of is driving a luxury sport car. Everyone has a car that they would love to buy, but just can’t afford. We make it so that they can enjoy that dream without the huge price tag. We offer luxury and sports car for rent for all occasions including birthdays, holidays, and other exciting times.

For example, imagine it is your birthday and your spouse gets you an entire day of driving your dream car as your gift. What an incredible present, right! You can give that joy to someone you love today. Our rentals are affordable enough to make gifting someone a day in the car they love a breeze.

Whatever the occasion is, you can give one of the most creative and well loved gifts around. A lot of people do not need any more material items. They don’t need the bath set or the random hand soap you’re thinking about getting them. Celebrate birthdays, promotions, or any other exciting event in their life by giving them an experience they will love.

What are the requirments to rent cars in Dubai?

To rent a Sport or a Luxury car in Dubai, you need a Driving Licence, If you are a tourist coming to Dubai and you want to rent a sports car, you need to provide an international driving licence. We also accept local driving licence from certain countries, if you want to know if we accept the local driving licence from a certain country please contact us. The driving licence must be valid.

To process your reservation, we would ask for a copy of your Emirates ID or Passport. Proudly we are the best sports car rental company in Dubai and your personal information will be safe with us.

Hiring a Sport car requires you to leave a security deposit of 5000 AED by a credit card, which will be held for 29 days and will automatically be released. This deposit is essential in case there is any fines on the car, which in most cases appear after 20 days.

Minimum age to rent a Sport or Luxury car in Dubai is 21 for normal cars & 23 for higher end cars. That’s a law and we cannot make any exceptions.

Sport Car Rental Dubai - Procedure:

Hiring a sport car in Dubai is very easy with Superior Car Rental, the first thing you need to do in order to request a car for rent is to go the car page, fill the booking form and click on request for booking, (you don’t have to pay anything), after you request the car, we will contact you within 12 hours and confirm with you the car availability, price, discounts, details, rules, etc…

If the car is available, we will reserve it to you at the required date and time, and we will send you a confirmation by email. please make sure you give us accurate delivery address. example: Dubai Airport Terminal 1 or Atana Hotel Barsha heights branch.

On the date of delivery we will send the car to you, our driver will contact you before arriving. please have your documents with you (passport – driving licence – credit card), we will hand over the car, take payment and sign the contract. we take manual inspection of the damages and car condition on the contract, also we take high quality pics of all the car angles before giving the car to the customer.

Our Fleet, Your Fleet

Luxury Car Rental Dubai, Every Detail Makes a Difference, So we focus on every simple detail, to provide the most comfortable experience for our customers. our cars are fully customized to satisfy your taste, our luxury rental cars are new and maintained to make you enjoy your driving experience.

We Are Always Available to Help!

Are you looking for an awesome rental car to be the finishing touch for your incredible vacation? Are you looking to give the gift of an experience to a loved one for a special occasion? Whatever your reason is, we can’t wait to supply you with a luxury or sport car. We rent out Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other exciting cars that will make you feel like the most important person in the room. All of these cars are available to you for one phone call. Superior Car Rental has the best cars at the most affordable prices. Other car rental suppliers that have the same types of cars charge you an arm and a leg for one day of a rental car. We don’t do that. We have luxury cars that are well taken care of for better prices than you will find in all of Dubai. Give us a call to set up a quote! For vacation, as a gift, whatever purpose you may want to rent the car for, we will let you know your estimated cost and show you how affordable we can be. Whenever you are ready, call us and we will give you the best price in Dubai for the nicest car. Let us know what you need, and we will make sure you get it!