The World’s first NFT Supercars Club

Superior Fueled by NFTs is the world’s first blockchain based membership, where membership is owned by the holder as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) to give you the thrill of a superior lifestyle in one membership.

For the price of 1 Eth, enjoy

A first of a kind experience to revolutionize the Automotive Industry
A membership to grant you a simple, secure and fast access to the luxury superior lifestyle in Dubai.
Benefit from a full day free ride with a supercar upon getting your membership.


The lower your Token number, the higher the discount and priority for events and giveaways

Explore Dubai in a luxury way ( Redeem a full day Ride as a benefit of the Membership and Ride superior for a full day in Dubai)

Benefit from a Lifetime discounts on Superior Services (10-50%) + get Special benefits on our supercars ( 50% Discount on your insurance, extra km, and late checkout)

Gain a fast, secure, and simple process on all of our services with our membership (NFT), get access to al luxury services at your fingertips ( Supercars, Yacht, jet skis, buggies, and wild animals)

Connect with a superior supercars enthusiastic community through Invitations to social events, community rides, and weekend getaway.

Collect gifts and giveaways to all the automotive and web 3.0 related events in dubai ( F1,F2, and Motorshow..)

Benefit from VIP access to entertainment and high end venues in Dubai, we are on our way to build collabs ana benefits with high end venues to give access to our NFT holders

Enjoy an immersive customer experience in our metaverse, we are building our own virtual space, where you can experience our super vehicles, network with the community and a virtual space where you can Display your NFTs.

What is Superior Fueled by NFTs ?

Superior Fueled by NFTs is the first ecosystem in the world that brings together the value of digital assets with the thrill of experiencing luxury supercars. After accepting crypto payments, we launched our NFTs, and later we will launch our metaverse together. We will act as an aggregator for the auto industry and the art NFT industry as the world’s first NFT supercars club.

Why nfts?

As a Non Fungible Token, the NFT membership becomes an asset to the Holder, which can be sold or transferred to others by digital wallets or on the secondary market. As The UAE moves towards a more digital and blockchain friendly hub, Superior luxury car rental steps forward to create a new model to build a friendly eco-system to the supercars community. Which will allow Superior Fueled by NFTs to deliver a new and exceptional experience for a lifetime.

Superior Roadmap

1. Utility of the NFT is usable immediately upon minting.
2. Collaborate with designers and artists to conceptualize and develop the NFT.
3. Secure collaboration with crypto/business communities and entertainment industry leaders (clubs, restaurants, resorts, ...).
4. Develop and launch website.
5. Introduce our fleet of 220 cars available and start the marketing campaign.
6. Develop minting website and contact secondary marketplaces such as to prepare for secondary market listing.
7. Community party on Superiors’ Super yacht. 
8. Introduce rewards to members (VIP tickets, free car rides…).
9. Collective ride to F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi on the 20th of November.
10. Extend available supercar fleet to London, Paris and Jeddah.
11. First sneak peek of Superior metaverse.
12. Introduce Superior Jets for charter private jet flights.
13. LaunchSuperior metaverse
14. TBA


Got questions? check our FAQs sections and you might find the answer to your questions here!

What is Superior fueled by NFTs ?

Superior Fueled by NFTs is a Web3.0 project started by Superior to launch 999 Authentic Digital Membership

How can I benefit from the Superior NFTs ? Why would you buy one ?

Superior NFT will give you a lifetime discount on Superior vehicles, community to network with, and a free ride for the Minters ( first buyers).

When is the MINT date and MINT price ?

Mint date - 15 October 2022. Mint price - 1 ETH.

Where can I Mint ? and how ?

There are 2 ways to buy the Superior NFT: First is by going to our website, to our NFT page, and from there you can buy with AED ( using credit card ) or buy it with cryptocurrency Ether ( using you crypto wallet )Second way is by coming to our office and we will give you a physical Membership card and take your information, then send the NFT to your Wallet.

Average price of supercar rental ?

3,000 AED

Brands we work with ?

Lamborghini- RollsRoyce- Bentley- Audi- Ferrari- Mercedes- canam- polaris.

How to show my NFT to the superior booking team ? Online and offline

Every NFT has its own unique address and number, by sending the number of your NFT to the booking team they will put the benefits of your NFT into action.

Can I sell my Membership back and how ?

Yes, you can sell your NFT membership to anyone through your crypto wallet. Also, we will have our own page “ Fueled by Superior” on OpenSea.

How do I contact the team ?

Superior’s DNA is comprised of equal parts innovation, technology, supercars and storytelling. That philosophy has driven creating a brand of outstanding community, stunning cars, experiential projects, and designed life experiences.

With a legacy of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Superior is a fully equipped powerhouse complete with an award winning team of directors, engineers, marketers and creative designers.

From order to delivery, our global team of expert personnel work together in creation and delivery of our bespoke service.

Superior Fueled by NFTs is an authentic membership experience designed to specialize in luxury, entertainment, and cultural industries. We create highly innovative and memorable experiences through a thoughtful combination of technology, community, and supercars